Friday, April 16, 2021

Bread N Crumble – It’s amazing how a handful of ingredients with just a few drops of love and experience creates such wonders. Bread and crumble, founded by Yasra Moten, is a home-based bakery dealing in freshly baked banana breads. Yasra has taken Banana Bread to the next level. Fresh and moist banana breads, baked in different flavors, defines the divine taste of Bread N Crumble.  

Bread N Crumble – Banana Bread In 3 Delicious Flavors

Bread N Crumble came into being just a few months back. But just as they say good food and good taste speaks on its own. Banana bread flavors are simply out of this world. No matter which one you choose, every bite is a bliss. The classic is an indulging flavor of bananas, cinnamon and honey. It is infused with the goodness of almonds, raisins and the luxurious Hershey’s chocolate chips. For chocolate lovers there is a swirly, marble bread. With fascinating chocolate swirls and lots of walnuts, almonds and chocolate chips. Finally, the rainbow bread for the little ones. The colorful swirls make it a great and fun sweet snack

Putting healthy food down our little one’s throat is always a struggle. But with colorful swirls and all the delightful sprinkles and colors, it will really be an attractive deal. Similarly this bread also fulfills the desire to have something sweet and full of fresh baked aroma for tea time. It depends on how far your imagination and craving can take you –  but the fulfillment is guaranteed.

Undoubtedly, for delicious food it is essential that the ingredients be the best. Fortunately, Bread N Crumble imports its ingredients from Dubai, to maintain the level of awesomeness and aroma. Hence its always a challenging task to put a good price on home baked, hygienic food. But, to get fine food with extravagant and exceptional ingredients cannot be labelled expensive… it’s just good food. 

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