Friday, April 16, 2021

The conventionally grown produce refers to the agricultural production of edible food in a certain way. Unlike organic food, these require use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers while harvesting. The cattle too are given hormones, antibiotics and other synthetic chemicals to yield more protein. The food harvested in this way is also called inorganic food.

The essential difference being that organic food production rely on natural survival and growth features. On the other hand, conventional farming relies on chemicals for resistance and high yield and nutrient content. Being assumed to be a healthier option, many people have switched to organic diet.

Is Conventionally Grown Produce Really Bad?

Conventionally grown produce has been heavily criticized for green house gas emission, water and land pollution and harming biodiversity. However, organic farming has its own limitations and drawbacks. Comparatively, conventional farming gives more yields using less cultivation space. To counter that organic farming requires more land for cultivation. The population is growing. The need to fulfill the demand is always an issue.  Switching to organic farming might be a challenge for land deprived nations. Land availability for cultivation might be a major limitation to adapt to 100 percent organic. 

Besides this, climatic changes, new resistant bacterial diseases in crops and livestock are still problems to be conquered by organic producers. They have to carefully control surrounding variables to favor their produce. Along with this, they have to manually control the pests and unwanted weed growth as well.  

On the contrary organic and inorganic meat bear slight nutritional difference. Organic meat may fulfill your guilt of avoiding conventional produce but their higher cost is again an unavoidable variable. 

From your health point of view what matters is the quality and the variety of food you eat. Fruits and vegetables and meat and dairy, all are an important part of your healthy diet. The recommended consumption should be given priority regardless of it being organic or inorganic.  

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