Friday, April 16, 2021

Pasta is an easy to cook, all time favorite dish. Besides taking less time to prepare you can always adjust the recipe according to your taste. But how to get perfect, al dente pasta every time – Read on

  1.  Do not add your pasta sauce to the serving plate. In fact have the sauce ready in another pan next to the pasta and once your pasta is al dente, transfer it into the sauce. Toss and serve.
  2. to get the right sauce and pasta consistency, use the pasta water. Yes, do not drain away the entire starch water. Keep aside a cup or a half and add that water when you add pasta to the sauce, as mentioned earlier. The water, being starchy, gives the right consistency. The sauce clings onto the pasta better.
  3. Another way of avoiding the sauce from slipping off the pasta is to NEVER oil your pasta while boiling. The oil which is added to keep the noodles separate also makes your noodles greasy and the sauce does not cling onto it. So avoid that.
  4. Salt the water well. It is this salt that will season your pasta so don’t limit it to your taste, add extra.
  5. Always bring the water to a boil when dropping the noodles in. Adding the noodles in too quickly makes them sticky and soggy. Basically to boil perfect pasta, make sure that the water temperature is a good high.
  6. Stir initially and occasionally when you add pasta to the water. This prevents sticking to the bottom or the sides and keeps them separated too.
  7. Always fill your boiling sauce pan properly with fresh cold water. Give room for the noodles to expand and move around freely. Follow the rule of ‘3 litres per 250g’

Right now these are a few that had been lingering in my head for a very long time. And all of these have been tried and tested by me. To cook better pasta, if you all have more to share please drop in your valuable input in the comments.

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