Friday, April 16, 2021

No matter how good you are in cooking, a few cooking tips have never done any harm. Tricks to select the best produce, checking the freshness of the baked goods or knowing your right protein. All are games of experience or some tricks you learn during your course of action. Read on to learn more or comment to share your adventure.

  1. Always write down your food recipes and your first experiences when cooking them. No doubt it helps you to learn from your mistakes. Whether the chicken had to be cooked more, or which ingredient needs to be adjusted. Apparently even if you will cook that same recipe after a long time, you will have all the corrections in front of you. recipe
  2. Try to go for chicken thighs when cooking boneless. Indeed chicken thighs are much juicier and flavourful rather than chicken breasts. Chicken breasts tend to get dry and dull. You can use the thigh bones for stock as well.chk
  3. Roast your spices on the spot. Of course it does sound a bit tedious and time taking, but freshly roasted spices for example cumin, retains more smell and flavour. Stored spices lose their aroma faster and deprive you of the taste too. So if you are cooking regular meals or for a small gathering, try to roast your spices first before adding them to your dish.
  4. How do you prefer drying your green leaves? Just use a kitchen towel. Its more hygienic, saves time and gives good results.
  5. Always read the recipe before hand. I know it sounds obvious but trust me at times when you think you know the ingredients, some thing pops up.
  6. Storing your cooking dough in the refrigerator isn’t just a save it for later tip. In fact, this step limits the spreading of the dough, intensifies the flavour and gives a brilliant texture. So if you are looking for chewy, crunchy cookies then do chill your dough.
  7. Use your own chocolate bar to make chocolate chips. Chopping your own chips, gives you variety of chip sizes. Some small, some big and some just right. But the results are tasty, melty pockets of chocolate throughout the cookies.
  8. One of the best cooking tips is to taste and season as you cook. Even if you are following a recipe, the salt depends on your taste. Don’t add the whole lot as you start, leave some out to decide after the taste starts to develop and/or at the end.
  9. Wrap your green vegetables, especially the leafy ones in the kitchen towel. You can store them in a box or a zip lock bag and keep them fresh longer.
  10. To reduce the heat and to enhance the taste of the peppers, lose the seeds and the white veins. You can control the heat of the peppers with the amount of seeds that are found inside the pepper.

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