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When life gives you sugar, egg and milk make a yummy, mouth-watering, easy, streamed, caramel, egg pudding. This recipe is of a dessert that uses a lot of eggs. It may be a simple and easy egg pudding. But the caramel topping and its smooth texture make all the yummy and more mouthwatering. You don’t need any fancy bake-ware and all. A normal steamer or even an everyday pot would do the job of preparing your egg pudding easily at home.

The recipe is easy. The best part is that it’s easier to have this caramel egg pudding of different serving sizes. But trust me, you will never have enough. When you see the knife smoothly gliding through the top coating of caramel and then the silky, shiny pudding, you won’t wait to get your hands on it.

Your no. of eggs decides you serving size and rest of the ingredients change accordingly. Follow the proportions egg: milk: sugar 3:250:6

Eggs Milk (ml) Sugar (tbsp) Slices of bread Serves
3 250 6 1 4-5
6 500 12 2 8-10
12 1000 24 4 12-15

Simple Ingredients and Simple Utensils

The basic requirements of the utensils are: 

  • Baking tin with lid (preferably round). Diameter depends on your serving size.
  • A cooking pot (must be larger than the baking tin)

Now here comes the best part. instead of going for the expensive, bake-ware, remember that cookies box you were saving to store something, use that.
I never dispose of my cookie boxes. Their tin is just the right thickness. They come with a lid. And hey! they are free.

  • Blender or mixer

Here is a complete guide with diameters proportional to serving sizes.

Diameter (inches) Height (inches) Serving size (egg count)
12 2 12
9 2 6
71/2 3 6
6 2 3
3 3 Treat Yourself


Making of the Caramel Base

Firstly, let’s start with the caramel base. For the egg pudding’s caramel top, we need to melt sugar at the base of the tin. The easiest and the handiest method is to directly spread white sugar at the base of the tin, and keep it on low flame. The sugar should be enough to sparingly cover the base. Remember: you cannot, under any circumstances, leave it unattended. The sugar burns in a blink of an eye. Keep it moving and sliding to spread the melted sugar evenly because you can only do that now and not after it sets. Remove from the heat. The caramel shouldn’t be very dark to have a burnt smell and shouldn’t be very light to have solid sugar.

Preparing the Egg Pudding Mixture

Secondly warm about a cup of milk from what you are using and keep the rest aside. Once warm enough, add the slices of bread to it and let them soak. Meanwhile, , crack your eggs, one by one in a separate bowl or directly into the blender – if you are sure none of them are rotten.

Next is the sugar. Add the number of tablespoons of sugar according to the recipe you are following and blend the eggs and sugar.  Once that is done add the milk along with the soaked slices of bread to the mixture and blend further. If your blender can hold then add the remaining milk or release some of the mixture into the tin, with the caramel, before adding more. Eventually, all the blended eggs, milk, sugar, and the slices of bread need to go into the tin with the caramel base. Pour and cover with the lid. Make sure it secure.

Simple and Easy Cooking Method

Finally, we will fill up the pot with some water, insert a stainless-steel stand, usually used to keep hot pots and pans on surfaces and keep your tin box on it. Make sure the level of the water is not more than 1’4th of the tin ‘s height.

Another hack for you – if you do not have a stand to keep the box on, use another small empty tin box. Fill it up with water, shut it with its lid and use it as the base of your pudding tin. Someone even advised me to use small rocks as the base, but I found them uneven.

Overall make sure your pot is big enough to adjust both the tins and closes properly. We don’t want the steam to escape. Well, you’re almost there. Your yummy, caramel, steamed egg pudding is now in the cooking process It takes about 40 to 50 mins on a medium flame for the pudding to be done. 

How to check if it done

Check the pudding with the old toothpick trick, by inserting it in the center of the pudding. If it comes out clean then it’s done. If it’s wet then it needs a little more time. But be very careful. There is hot steam, so keep your hands and face as far away as possible.

The pudding is done. Now remove it from the pot and open the lid…. again, very carefully. Run a knife around the edges of the pudding and the tin. And now very cautiously, cover the top of the pudding with the dish or the plate you are planning to serve the pudding on. Lift the tin, securely holding the plate above it, and quickly invert the whole tin. You are now holding your pudding upside down on the plate. Place it carefully on the kitchen top and give the tin a little pat. You can feel the pudding loosening up and sliding off the tin onto the plate as you gradually raise it.

TADA! The Egg Pudding is ready

You have your yummy, mouthwatering, steamed, caramel, egg pudding staring right back at you with pride and grace. The caramel is on the top all glazing and smelling yum. The rich, smooth texture of the egg pudding is heaven in every bite. Its creamy, sweet, tasty, and easy to cook. Let it cool before placing it in the refrigerator and serve it cold.

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