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Fruits and vegetables are the most colorful, nutritious, tasty wonders of nature. They are the naturally found nutrient deposits, along with special taste and unique texture. Mother Nature has blessed us with these wonders in abundance. Seasonal, regional, perennial all sorts are available for every one. 

Types of Vegetables

Did you know that the vegetables we consume are not always the leaves? Different parts of different plants are eaten and labeled as vegetables. They are classified depending on what part of plant they are. Some categorize into 5 groups, some 8 and some even 9. We will stand by  8 mainly: 

  • Root e.g.  Radish 
  • Tuber e.g. Potato 
  • Fruit e.g. Egg Plant 
  • Flower e.g. Cauliflower 
  • Bulb e.g. Onion 
  • Seed e.g. Corn 
  • Leaves e.g. Lettuce 
  • Stem  e.g. Celery 

Each type has their own nutrient content and is an essential part of our diet. Some can be eaten raw, while some have to be cooked thoroughly before being consumed.  Vegetables have always been an important part of our regime. Whether we are having them as salads or cooked vegetable dishes for dinner, they do make it to the table. Even if we just consider salads, there are many types and most of them comprise of one or more vegetables.  

Their quality of being high in fiber, Vitamins mainly A, B and D and antioxidants make it all the more special for our daily meals. Raw vegetables give you a feel of fullness, hence the salad. This also prevents intake of more calories during the rest of the meal.  All regular vegetables like spinach, peas, garlic, ginger etc are excellent for your health. Make sure you are getting a good mix of vegetables in your daily food intake.  

Fruits – Fleshy, Juicy, Sweet And Sour Tokens Of Nature

Similarly fruits, the ready to eat, fleshy structures of plants are true gifts of nature. Whether it’s the sweet bananas or the sour oranges, from apples to zucchini, we have complete A to Z of fruits. Fruits are usually harvested according to different climatic regions. Some may be summer fruits and some are eaten in winter.  Each one may not be providing complete set of nourishment but serve the purpose of being a necessity in our diets. Some seasonal fruits tend to provide just the right sustenance, needed by our bodies. Watermelons are great thirst quenchers in the scorching summers while the Vitamin C from the oranges helps rejuvenate dry winter skin. Surely everything has a purpose for its creation. 

Fruits may be usually consumed raw. They can be served in breakfast or something to munch on. Can be made into fruit salads. They can also be used in desserts. Fruits are rich in a wide range of health boosting antioxidants like flavonoids., and are best source of fibre too. Fresh or dried, they are packed with different Vitamins and Minerals. Some fruits are ranked, being more nutritious of the lot and low in calories. A few examples are lemons, strawberries, oranges, limes, grapefruit, bananas, avocados, pomegranate, pineapples, blue berries and etc. Fruits provide varied health benefits along with awesome taste and a refreshing experience.  

Organic Or Inorganic?

A conflict has been pursuing for a couple of decades now regarding organic and inorganic food. Organic food is considered to be healthier. It ‘s cultivation requires exempting synthetic chemicals for the yield. While the inorganic is the conventionally grown produce. This requires use of various chemicals to make the produce better. So the market holds a variety of inorganic fruits and vegetables and the organic one too. The latter being a little more pricey. In the end what matters is what and how much are you consuming.

To sum up, eating a diet which is high in vegetables and fruits reduces risks of heart diseases, obesity and cancerThey can lower blood pressure and risks of eye and digestive problems. They have positive effect on your blood sugar levels as well hence, helping diabetic patients or those at risk. Some even provide essentials to help prevent bacterial and/or viral infections as they boost your immunity. So make sure you are eating enough to claim the benefits.

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