Friday, April 16, 2021

Why are home cooks special? Because they have home cooked specials. Meet Uzma Owais , founder of Home Meals, who cooks with passion and love. From frozen food to baking cakes, to Deghi Qorma, BBQ Rice and many mouth watering instant meals. You need to definitely check out Home Meals to drool over some of the finest cooking.

Home Meal – Frozen Food, Baked Treats and Cooked Delicacies

Basically Home Meals specializes in Memoni dishes. For example, Memoni Beef/ Mutton Akni, Chicken/ Beef Khausay with special Coconut Karhi. But these dishes, though being unique and distinct, are not the only gems of Home Meals. Frozen food, under the beef category include shami kebab, koftas, samosa, and beef burger patties.




However the chicken variety is huge:

  1. Chicken shami kebab
  2. Samosa
  3. Spring rolls
  4. Chicken cheese boxes
  5. Zinger Fillet
  6. Burger Patties
  7. Nuggets
  8. Chicken crispy fingers
  9. Wontons


A few other variants include items like pizza rolls, macaroni rolls, peri peri bites, potato rolls and of course what ever you like. But that’s not all, Home Meals offers a range of flavors of freshy baked cakes and brownies as well. Flavours like Back Forest, Chocolate Fudge, Pineapple, Coffee Crunch and more yummy ones can be baked on demand.

This chef is a woman of many talents, because the menu just doesn’t end here. Nan Khatai, Halva Puri, Chicken Lasagne, Spaghetti and other assorted pastas… freshly cooked on ordering.

Home Meal Special – The Roat

Tea-time for most of us is always an excusive engagement And, Home Meal’s Roat makes it al the more delightful. A snack dish that’s prepared with flour, semolina,  almond, pistachios and eggs. It is carefully baked at a very low temperature and goes best with tea. A Memoni delicacy poses to be highly nutritious too. The crunchiness of the almonds and the pistachios, along with the crumbly texture is a definite treat. Serving in desired sizes and one of Home Meal’s exclusive, Roat is a must try especially for ones having it for the first time.

No matter what you order, satisfaction is guaranteed. Use of high quality ingredients and preparing hygienically are dome of the basic routines followed by Home Meals. The best part is that you get an extensive variety of food under one roof. Whether you are craving desi or international, something sweet or food back ups in the form of frozen, all is available at Home Meals.

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