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Pakistani food is known for its flavor, richness and colors. The Pakistani cuisine is characterized by a blend of various traditional cooking methods and techniques. We have spicy cuisines of Sindh and Punjab and mild flavors of the Western and Northern Provinces. This nation is home to many vibrant cultures. traditions have been brought in from the Indian sub continent, along with Central Asia. legacies have been followed from the ancient Mughal Empire and their cooking methods are still practiced. Basically Pakistan is a place of diverse heritage and in heritance, vastly of it being about food. Pakistani food caters to assorted cuisines. Like international cuisines, fast food and especially the blended local and foreign recipes – all define Pakistani food.

The Grand Karachi Cuisine

There are a few special dishes that, when spoken of represent and remind us of Pakistan. Biryani, Haleem, Paya (trotters) and Nihari being the gems of the lot. as we look into every province individually within the cities itself we will get loads of options. Sindh province has its own special taste along with vibrant cuisines of its different cities. It has the authentic Karachi cuisine to show off and a few specials from Hyderabad.

Karachi is the capital city of the Sindh province and is also the largest city of Pakistan. Being the commercial and industrial centre it also fosters to many cultures and is a mixed bag of people. Different people means different tastes, different food.

Karachi cuisine is the most profound and well known cuisines complimenting Pakistani food. No matter how many food outlets you try, each one will have their own distinctive taste. besides international food chains, Karachi’s very own restaurants, cafes, Dhaabas and street food have become must haves for travelers too. Even for foodie Karachites, fine dining is always a significant weekend ritual. Families and friends celebrate occasions or just enjoy Pakistani food to their heart’s content. Special meals like breakfasts too are well defined according to your taste. English and desi, all types are available.

Lahore’ s Lively People and Lively Food

Lahore is the hub of the Pakistani film industry Lollywood and is the second biggest city of Pakistan. Sufi and Shahi, both cultures are still alive in this part of the nation. With monuments and historical places being a local and foreign attraction, Lahore is also known for its food. Overall the Punjabi people are the most welcoming and pure hearted people And the Punjabi food is always great pleasure and classic of Pakistani food.

Islamabad – Foodie’s Favorite

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. And whether it be beef, chicken, mutton or fish, every special place serves its signature dish. Both food and places are well-known in Islamabad. For various types and kinds of Pakistani food, the capital is the place to be. All types of cuisines are catered to give you the complete essence of the nation. Enjoy finger-licking, mouth watering Pakistani food while visiting breathtaking sites of Islamabad. The clean air and the peaceful atmosphere brings harmony to one’s life. calm mornings and lively nights makes dining out all the more enjoyable.

Similarly further up North, as we speak of KPK and its cities the taste gets milder but the awesomeness remains. fresh water trout fish, Beef BBQ, Kebabs, Mutton Karahi or Haleem. The food may not vary from the rest of the land but the spiciness and the sizzling, zesty flavor does.

However, Pakistani food and its culture remain the same throughout the country. Pakistani food is not just an attraction for foreigners but a legacy for its own people too. The Pakistani cuisine will have your taste buds boggled and the aroma would need a lifetime to be forgotten.

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