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Secret Spices is home to a remarkable cook. Not just excellent cooking but the awe-inspiring menus too are worth a mention. The Secret Spices caters to favorites for your tiny tots, up till restaurant like dishes for every foodie. A menu for kids, a frozen food menu, a rice special menu and then a regular menu highlights inevitable efforts of Urooj Fraz. From Desi Pakistani Food to pizzas, lasagna, Chinese and burgers, the list of delicacies has no end. 

The Secret Spices – Cute Bites For Your Munchkins

Every dish defines fineness in cooking whether it is Mutton Shinwari, Steamed Chicken with Pulao or Chicken Biryani. Similarly, Turkish Pied, Chicken Tikka with Roasted Veggies or the Spicy Spaghetti with Chicken and Sauces are must haves of The Secret Spices. For those unprecedented hunger attacks, mood swings, fast food cravings or sweet pleas of your little ones; order from the frozen variety or the ready to eat from ‘Cute Bites’ menu to amaze themThe carefully designed menu for the kids will have your problems covered.  


Secret Spices- Frozen Food Range

Besides this, The Secret Spices frozen food menu is carefully defined into groups of appetizers and specials. I mean who wouldn’t love to have their freezer filled with savory, spicy and hygienic flavorful treats. Frozen Shami Kebabs, Samosas, Chicken Wings, Spring Rolls, French Fries, Wontons and – trust me it’s a long list. Whether it’s serving surprise guests, or taking a break from cooking. Whether its catering small gatherings or Hi-teas, The Secret Spices will take care of everything. Just unwrap these ready-to-cook, appetizing and enjoyable snacks and make your parties and get to gathers and tea times special. 

The Secret Spices – Order And Eat

And that’s not all. The ready to eat menu has tempting, mouth watering and tasty dishes. Everything is just an order away. Choose from Chicken, Beef, Vegetarian, Mutton or Rice. There is pizza, Lasagna, Burger, Chicken Biryani, Spicy Beef Biryani, BBQ Rice, Chicken Chow Mein, stuffed Parathas and so much more. Every item on the menu has its own level of awesomeness. 

The best form of justice that can be done to The Secret Spice’s food is to try it out yourself and feel its divine taste. To sum up, The Secret Spices genesis might be a hardship-tale but it clearly has turned into a successful and flavorful journey with never ending happiness. 

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