Friday, April 16, 2021

Pakistani food is incomplete without sides like achaars (pickles) and chutneys (sauces). For yummy, tantalizing and mouth watering achaars, check out Taste Land. The very cheerful and spirited Durdana Jawwad, is the woman behind providing home made delicious achaars in Karachi. She has carefully mixed flavors and spices to bring out the traditional achaar taste. Every ingredient is hand picked and prepared in the most conventional way. Thus maintaining the century old taste of achaars without which Pakistani and Indian food cannot be complemented.

Taste Land – Excellent Quality and Absolute Quantity

Despite being simple ingredients and daily use spices, the Taste Land achaars have their own level of finesse. The most fresh vegetables, good quality mustard oil and of course fine spices do the trick. On top of that, mixing them in the right proportion and fermenting them properly gives the desired finger licking taut. Careful packaging plays an important role too as customers receive hassle free delivery. Another quality of Taste Land that must be mentioned, is the weight of your purchase. The weight of the jar is always deducted when sending an order across, giving the customer the exact quantity they pay for.

The variety includes different achaars for different seasons like summer and winter. And some that can be eaten all the year round. For summers there is gum berry (lasoora) and green mango (keri) achaar. You can have just green mango achaar too. Along with green chilli, garlic and lemon are the specials for summers. You can choose from either fermentation in oil or in lemon juice. Then there is the irresistible mixed vegetable and the turnip achaar for the winter season. Similarly the chutneys too are available seasonally like green mango  and some are available throughout the year.

So don’t hold back. Taste Land promises to satisfy your sweet, sour and spicy cravings with home made, hygienic achaars and chutneys. Make your ordinary meals more flavoursome with these delightful add on.

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