Friday, April 16, 2021

When life gives you eggs, flour and chocolate you put together The Sweet Factory. A search for solace and independence, led Sania Danish, to pursue her passion for baking. From just being a home cook to becoming  a baking entrepreneur. Apparently, from serving at her dining table, to delivering city-wide; The Sweet Factory is known to be baking awesome chocolate swirls and nan khatais in the city. 

Though its just the beginning, but The Sweet Factory has its own definition of sweetness. Brownies, creamy Chocolate Swirls and Nan Khatais complement the dessert and the sweet snack palate. Where ashoneycomb, chicken stuffed buns and plain buns define excellence in baking. 

The Sweet Factory – Nan Khatais, Chocolate Swirls, Donuts For Everyone

Nan Khatais have always been a favourite tea time snack or goodies for kids. Undoubtedly, The Sweet Factory makes some of the most divine and tasty Nan Khatais. The texture being not too crumbly and not too hard, but just perfect enough to melt in the mouth. Similarly, for every sweet tooth The Sweet Factory has the delicious, soft Chocolaty Swirls. A glance at them and you would love to try them one. Not only this, but the chocolate coated Donuts too are pure joy. The colorful sprinkles and the chocolate chips, make them look adorable and tempting. The brownies too gratify the craving for sweetness for anyone, anytime.  

The Sweet Factory  – The Baking Specialist

Basically The Sweet Factory is all about baking. And as I mention baking, we cannot simply forget the supple,, firm, freshly baked buns. Both sweet and savory are a must try. The honeycomb for that little dash of sweetness with cheese, or the chicken stuffed ones for flavorful snacking. No matter which ones you choose, the wholesomeness of the buns will never let you down. Make our parties, birthdays, get to gathers all the more special by adding The Sweet Factory delights to it. Give real sweetness to yourself and your loved ones.



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